3 Tips to set yourself up for Fitness Success


Sticking to new habits needs to be practiced daily and easy for you to perform otherwise old ones will automatically kick in. So you have to be organised.

Make it work for you – Whether it is in the morning, evening or even in your lunch break, fit your workout in with your schedule and make it work for you. It honestly doesn’t matter what time you workout as long as you do. Motivation is what is going to get you started but habit is what is going to keep you going and get you results. If you know that you have one activity after another in the evening, wake up an extra half an hour or so to fit your workout in first thing in the morning. Or is your mornings so busy that there is no way that it would work but you got time in the afternoon do your workout then.

Meal Prep – Make food easily available for you. The last thing you want is lunch to come around and there is no healthy meal prepped for you to eat so you are grabbing anything in site because you are hungry. Set aside a few hours on Sunday to prep some meals for the week.

Be ready – Have your workout gear ready so you don’t have any excuses not to. If you are going to workout in the morning lay out your gear, shoes, fitbit, set your alarm so that when you get up it’s ready and waiting.

New habits are just as easy as old ones when you are prepared and organised.

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