Website is LIVE

Hey Fit Family,

I have very exciting news – I have been working hard (for awhile now) on my website and pretty much the launch of my online business Aqua Pt and Conditioning – offering an 8 week online Transformation Challenge at the moment. I have a whole lot of ideas and plans for this little business I have just started which is very exciting.


This challenge will be hosted through a members only forum which will give you the opportunity to have unlimited access to a range of health and fitness information, exclusive weekly workouts as well as challenges that will improve muscle tone and reduce body fat along with all the tools you will need to kick start your fitness journey, transform your body and live a healthier lifestyle.

The 8WTC includes:
– 24/7 access – workout from the convenience of your home, gym or on the go
– 3 new exclusive workouts posted each week (only members will have access to these workouts)
– tailored macronutrients, sample meal plan and weekly recipe inspiration
– Weekly check ins & measurements
– Members support page
– Support and guidance from me throughout the entire 8 weeks
– Fitness and health tips and advice

For more details on the 8WTC you can head to the website or please just check out my website and let me know what you think 🙂

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