A Bikini Competitor’s Diaries – week 1

This series is about my journey towards my second bikini fitness competition. I competed last year and absolutely loved it. I placed in the top 5 last time and this year i am aiming to beat that and place in the top 3 or higher.


I am currently 15/16 weeks out and will start competition prep as of this week coming. To make it a little easier for me mentally i am going to break my prep into two 8 week halves, as anyone can do 8 weeks, right and it won’t feel never ending!

Each week i will publish a post on how i am going with the plan for that week – nutrition, training and emotionally. For the first half i will be coaching myself to save some money and depending on how i am going will depend on if i hire a coach again.

Currently i have been reverse dieting (well over the christmas/ new year period it didn’t really happen – only human!). So i am going to cut back 100 or so calories from the week that i was tracking and see how my body responds, oh by the way i prep by following a IIFYM style eating plan – eat what i want as long as it fit my macros.

I am doing 6 days a week split training program so i get to train each body part twice a week – currently am hating leg days, blah!. Cardiowise, i will do a 20 minute  HIIT session  twice a wèek for the time being and as i get closer to competition i may include an extra one.

To keep track of my progress, i will be weighing myself weekly and taking body measurements.

If you have any questions by all means ask. I also would like to get some sponsorships this year as well.

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