580 rep Pyramid Workout

Too true.:

This whole Get Healthy challenge was also intended to help me set up a blogging routine that I could stick to, unfortunately I am unsure what has happened this last week of the challenge and I am terribly sorry that I haven’t been posting on time. I will honestly try better.

Today workout is a 580 rep challenge how did you go with the 500 rep workout posted earlier this week? I honestly love these type of workouts because once you have finished it, you feel accomplished however during the workout you feel like it will never end and it’s not only challenging physically but also mentally.

Notes on today’s workout:

Each round you will add on the previous rounds this will be a killer for the upper body

Round 1 -10 Manmakers (plank row ea side and stand up with a shoulder press)

Round 2 – 15 Crab dance toe touch twist into a one legged push up + round 1

Round 3 – 20 Strict mountain climbers + R2 + R1

Round 4 – 25 lay down burpees + R3 +R2 + R1

Now reverse the sequence decreasing the rounds for example

Round 3 you will eliminate round 4

Round 2 you will eliminate round 3 & 4

Round 1 you will eliminate round 2, 3 & 4

What was your time?



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