End of the week challenger

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Have a good weekend Fit Family! I was scrolling through Instagram earlier today and realised it was National Cookie Day – I never knew such a thing! I love cookies and actually am experimenting with a cookie recipe right now – they are baking in the oven this very minute fingers crossed they turn out 🙂

Notes on the workout – Alternatives

If you are having trouble skipping altogether and keep hitting the rope – do the moves without the skipping rope and once you have finished the workout I would like you to do 5 minutes of skipping that is the only way that you will improve by practicing 🙂

For those of you that can skip but only a certain way for example feet together and bouncing/hopping  I want you to do the bounce for every skipping round as fast as you can for the amount of reps and then once you have finished the workout – 5 minutes practicing other variations of skipping.

Practice makes perfect guys!

The Workout

Low jack skipping x 50

Squat Jumps x12

High Knee Skipping x 50

Jump Lunges x 24

Side hops (skipping) x 50

Squat Pulses x50

Shuffle Skipping x 50

Curtsy Lunges (alternating) x24

Criss Cross skipping x 5 (crossing the ropes and jump and come back out of the move)

Repeat circuit 3 times.

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