Dealing with a binge and hump day workout

I have always struggled with this and then it backfires because I feel indulgent eating something off limits. Make healthy foods your indulgences.:

So you ate something that wasn’t on your meal plan or you felt you shouldn’t have. How to get back on track?

This all comes down to how you perceive food. You have to ask yourself why did you do that? Are you stressed, angry, bored, tired? Then you can figure out ways to avoid binging next time.

However you have had a binge the best thing to do now is to start eating clean ASAP, as in the very next meal, drink lots of water (junk food is full of sodium) and lastly go and do some exercise – exercise makes you feel good about yourself.

Throw out the rest of the cake, pizza, it’s better off in the bin rather than on your waist for starters. The next thing is to try to avoid putting restrictions on yourself and listing food as good or bad instead go for an all round balanced diet so that you don’t get cravings and worse, the guilt you put yourself through for eating something that you look at as naughty. When you start to label food as something you can’t have you tend to want it more (you little rebel!).

Now here is a way to look at the situation just say for example you ate some pizza or you want a cheat meal, be smart about  when you have it – look at it as extra calories/energy to fuel your leg day or that big long run. 🙂 So if you want a couple of pieces of pizza have it the night before your heavy lifting leg day, those extra calories will help you pull out some PB’s.

Forgive yourself, move on and do better next meal 🙂

Hump Day workout

One legged skipping x50 (right)

One legged skipping x50 (left)

Manmakers (1 push up, plank row (1 on ea arm) and then stand up and do a shoulder press) x 10

You will do 10 rounds, each round you will decrease by 1 the amount of manmakers you do so next round you will only do 9 and so on until you get down to 1 manmaker.

For those who want an extra challenge once you get down to 1, work your way back up to 10 (total 20 rounds)

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