Get Healthy Week 4 Overview

logoGet Healthy week 4 overview

Eat Fit:

Remove: Caffeine – Coffee and other stimulants.

Now there  is mixed debate on the whole coffee subject. You can either cut it out or cut it down to one a day preferably sometime before lunch. Take note next time you do drink coffee if you haven’t been and see how it makes you feel. Frantic? Jittery? Does it cause you insomnia? Try cutting it out for a couple of weeks plus it’s not like you can never have coffee ever again.  You can have instead is a green tea 🙂

Add: A pre bedtime routine and 7-8 hours sleep

Sleep is so good for you, this is when your body repairs itself – producing extra protein molecules which are building new cells and repairing the damaged ones. It also helps reduces stress, helps with weight control and enhances mood. These are only a few – google search if you would like to know more 🙂

Think Fit: Think Big

  1. Don’t sell yourself short. Concentrate on your assests. You are better than you think you are.
  2. Use big, positive, bright and cheerful words. Avoid words that create unpleasant images of failure.
  3. Practice adding value to things, to people and to yourself
  4. Focus your attention on the big picture before getting all involved in petty issues ask yourself is it really important or will you still be mad about this in 5 years?

Be Fit

Keep your dumbbells or barbells out because this week  we are focusing on strength and building muscle. Fat hates muscle why you ask because muscle burns fat even at rest. These strength workouts are  going to be done in a 10 minute circuit, rest for a minute and go again. Don’t forget to do a warm up and cool down every time you exercise.

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