Friday HIIT workout

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Hey Fit Family,

Hope you have had a good week 3. Did you go and do something that you have been putting off for like forever and challenged yourself? Last week I order some fitness equipment and they came 🙂 so excited, like a kid in a candy shop hehe! I got an 8kg slam ball and battle ropes and I have wanted them forever just always put it off. So I am excited to use them in my HIIT workouts. Which leads me to todays  HIIT workout inspired by these pieces of equipment 🙂

30/30 second work/ rest ratio repeat the circuit 5 times

#Battle Ropes

# Burpees

# Slam Ball

# Squat and Press

# Sandbag Squats – can use dumbbells or barbell

Note: if you don’t have these pieces of equipment – improvise!

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