Motivational Monday and leg HIIT workout

about to give up?  #weightloss #motivation #healthy #fitness:

Fit and healthy means different things to different people. Find the perfect fit for you by exploring the latest fitness gadgets, newest gym equipment/exercise classes, new gym clothing/footwear, exploring the latest nutritional products or the latest expert fitness advice. The most important thing is to be active, how you choose to do that, it’s up to you. Have fun with your active journey and train hard.

Here is a little motivation for you to kick start your week.


Happy leg day!:

The early morning work out is the best:

That Was An Amazing Early Training:


Gym humor.. Gainz:

Today’s HIIT workout is targeting that lower body and looks like this:

30/30 second work/rest ratio. 20 Rounds so you will repeat this circuit 5 times

Squat and press

Jump lunges

180 jump squats


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