Get Healthy Week 3 overview


Get Healthy Challenge Week 3 overview

Eat Fit: Digestion

Remove: Soy and Dairy products

Dairy can be rough on the digestive system and can cause bloating. As for soy products, they are often highly processed and can act as a glue in your digestive tract … eek!

Add: Probiotics  – this will help your digestive system reducing bloating and making your skin glow.

Healthy Gut = Healthy Mind – Give your gut some loving!

  1. Be sure to drink lots of filtered water – water helps to remove toxins and keeps your bowels healthy
  2. If you do experience bloating, tiredness, moodiness after eating you should start an elimination diet – for 2 weeks keep a food journal and take note on how foods make you will see a pattern if certain foods are making you feel a certain way. Remove these foods for a couple of weeks and reintroduce them to see if it makes a difference.
  3. Chew your food well
  4. Either drink and eat prebiotic and probiotic foods or take  a supplement to help support good gut bacteria.

Think Fit: Be your best and build your confidence and destroy your fear

  1. Action cures fear – afraid of something go do it. What is something that scares you that you have wanted to do for quite some time now? Doing nothing about a situation strengthens that fear and destroys your confidence. This week challenge yourself to do something that gets you nervous yet excited.
  2.  Good vibes only please! Read positive material, watch positive inspirational movies, shows, surround yourself with positive people that build you up. Think positive thoughts only. Find a positive motivating quote that excites you for this week and read it every morning and night.
  3. Afraid of people? Put people into proper perspective – they are just another human being that has there own issues and problems. Develop an understanding attitude.
  4. Do what is right. You know the difference between right and wrong. Spread love and happiness around.
  5. Make everything about you say I’m confident. Make eye contact, speak up, smile boldly and dress confidently. When you look good, you feel good allowing you to take on the world.

Be Fit: This week we are going to be whip our butts into shape with HIIT workouts.

What is HIIT? HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. This week our intervals are going to be 30/30seconds work/rest ratio. So for 30 seconds you are going to go all out at it and give it all you got and then rest for 30 seconds for 20 rounds a workout for a total of 20 minutes. If you can give more at the end of your workout than the beginning you weren’t going at it hard enough and it isn’t hitt. You should be exhausted by the end!!!

Note: Sorry this wasn’t posted yesterday I haven’t had any internet until now pretty much – wasn’t very happy!!!

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