The Get Healthy Challenge – week 2 overview


Get Healthy Challenge Week 2 overview

Eat Fit:

This week you are going to add more greens to your diet. Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, asparagus and kale have phytonutrients that helps detoxify the body, reduce fat, keep hormones in balance and blood sugar levels even. Try including a serving of green vegetables with each main meal or get inspired to use one of these vegetables as the highlight of your meal 🙂 For example Broccoli Rice or a Green Smoothie

Remove alcohol – sure it’s great to have a celebration drink for a special occasion. I am talking about removing alcohol if it’s a weekly/daily thing, especially for the 6 weeks and see how you feel.

Think Fit: Here is some brain hiit for you.

  1. Give yourself a daily pep talk and adopt a positive phase that gets you pumping and motivated for your life.
  2. Develop a  game face – a facial expression that shows no fear and makes you feel like you can take on the world.
  3. Ignore negativity – dwelling on future obstacles or ‘what if’s’ inhibits progress when/if circumstances come up, deal with them then. A lot of the time we over exaggerate situations in our heads and blow it way out.
  4. Write it down – this turns this idea that keeps floating around in your mind into a real thing because now you can see it on paper.
  5. Enjoy yourself – love what you do and be thankful for the chance to do it! (I love this!)

Be Fit: Charge up your fat burners because this week our workouts are the fast paced Tabata.

How does Tabata work? Tabata is a 20/10 second work/rest ratio, in that 20 seconds you are going as fast as you can while maintaining form and the 10 second rest is enough time to write down your reps/scores and prepare yourself for the next exercise. You will be doing Tabata for 4 minutes, there will be two exercises per tabata  (the other option is to use only one exercise).   We are going to be doing 3 rounds of tabata and in between each round you will have a minute rest = total time: 14minutes excluding warm up and cool down. It is every important to push yourself to get the most out of your workout since it’s so quick.

Sample workout:

R1 – Push ups & Squats

R2 – star jumps & jump lunges

R3 – Sit ups & mountain climbers

If there is any questions please don’t hesitate to ask otherwise let’s get ready for week 2 🙂

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