20 minute AMRAP – the finisher for week 1

The best project you'll ever work on:

End of week one, how did you go? Did you stay on track? If you went off track, forgive yourself it’s in the past now, learn from it, ask yourself what went wrong and why? How are you going to prevent it from happening again? Now move on. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, this is a lifelong journey so what you had a hiccup I don’t want you to jump on the who cares wagon and give up. There are NO QUITTERS around here!! Each day you have a new opportunity to make better choices. For those of you that did well, congratulations on your efforts, keep your eyes on the prize and stay focused for week 2 🙂

With the weekend coming up it’s not the time to let loose – stay on track with your healthy eating and do something active over the weekend.

Todays workout is another 20 minute AMRAP. How did you go with the AMRAPS earlier this week?

Jump lunges x 20

Up down plank x 20

Squat jump x 20

plank to toe touches x20

Have a good weekend.

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