20 min AMRAP workout

Congratulations if you are participating in this challenge please remember the more effort you put into it the more you will get out of it 🙂

Today’s workout is a 20 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible within 20 minutes) of the following:

Squat with press – 15 reps (5kg or 10kgs)

Burpees – 15 reps (more advance option add a push up)

Alternating toe touches – 30 reps (15ea side)

Comment below how many rounds you were able to manage within the 20 minutes. What is also great about these type of workouts is that you can revisit them and try and beat your scores. This is awesome for gauging how much stronger and fitter you have become 🙂 If you would like to see what the workout looks like head to my Instagram page – please follow too 🙂

I have also included this weeks worksheet – to help with this week’s challenges 🙂 Wk 1 Worksheets

DISCLAIMER: Following and/or participating in my blog, daily workouts, meal plans, and any tips or advice is solely your decision. I recommend checking with your physician prior to following any of the workouts or meal plans that I offer.

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