GET HEALTHY – 6 Week Challenge


I have for quite some time wanted to offer a fitness/healthy challenge and I am finally doing it, which makes me rather excited. So I want to challenge you guys to a 6 week Get Healthy Program just in time for the holiday season – this is for everybody – if you are just starting out and wanting to improve your eating habits and get into exercise then this is for you, if you are already a fitaholic there is always room for improvement.

Each week I will post three different categories – each category will have a challenge for you to do for that week. The categories are:  Eat Fit, Think Fit and Be Fit.


This category relates to everything regarding food and nourishing the body – for example to eat more vegetables etc. I will also be posting up recipes and other interesting information regarding food as well.


 it’s important to not only work on our body physically but also to make sure that mentally we are strong as well.


Workouts for the week – each week I will offer workout for you to do. The workout breakdown will be posted on here but I will also do little videos of the workout/exercises on my Instagram page, otherwise you can google the different exercises if you are unsure of any 🙂

Week 1 of the Challenge will start as of the 2nd of November (Monday) and the schedule will be posted up this Sunday.

Until then take a before photo of yourself – front and side (if you can get a behind one too, great) wear either fitting clothes or underwear/swimmers, this will allow you to see what your body does at the end of the 6 weeks, and make sure you stand tall. Also do a weigh in and a measure on Sunday before starting on Monday. Measure the following – Bust/chest (widest), waist (either the smallest part of your waist or take it at your belly button), hips, thigh (mid). Just make a note of where you take the measurement so that you can measure the same spot at the end of the six weeks.

If you are interested in a support page either through Instagram or facebook please let me know in the comments below and I can put together one

Let’s get healthy!!!

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