Motivational Monday

My ideal morning – get up at 5- 5:15am … eat breakfast … workout (weights and cardio) before munchkin wakes up … she gets up has milk and I make her breakfast and feed her before getting breakfast/morning tea ready for myself and my husband

This morning – I slept in till 5:30am … had breakfast … munchkin woke up before I got to do my workout … gave her milk and made her breakfast and fed her … worked out with her.

The positives –

I had prepped my meals yesterday so all I had to do with my breakfast was put it in the microwave and zap it making it super easy and I changed my breakfast to quinoa instead of oats and it turned out super yummy. I posted a picture on instagram yesterday of my meal.

little one was very contented this morning in her play pen (you never know, sometimes I just manage to finish before she has had enough, which is why I like to workout before she gets up) Plus I am semi distracted when she is with me while I workout.

To improve on:

Leg day is beast day – unfortunately I haven’t been feeling my leg workouts, like I want to feel sore the next day that I can’t walk, I was when i first started the program, I’m not any more. And I have been increasing my weights but nope not feeling it. Probably not engaging it enough I am not sure. however this morning I made some slight changes – I guess I will see tomorrow how I feel.

Right now I am feeling really tired and want to eat some chocolate!!!!!!!!! Currently this picture is my motivation because I still have to do my cardio

Fit Motivation

"How I feel waiting for my butt to grow." #Humour #Sports #Gym


"Tried out cardio again today. Still hate it!" #Gym #Cardio #Humour

Yep – I feel the same!

Am afraid of this!

so true! adopt these 2 beliefs right now!!

Low Fat Boobs | Funny Fitness | Gym Memes | Gym Humour |

I will have to remember this come back tonight when I go and get my weekly weigh and measure lol



Have a good week

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