Energy Bites


Hi there, its been awhile!

Yesterday I wanted to create some energy balls but I didn’t want any natural sweeteners in it, there is so many with dates, honey etc I was aiming for ones either high in protein or carbs however both are quite high in fat as well but its the good kind and I was working with what I had in the cupboard rather than going into town and buying ingredients. They are both super yummy and easy as to make.

Almond and Coconut Balls:


120g almonds

20g protein powder

50g shredded coconut

72mls of water

Place all ingredients into a food processor, whiz it till it combines and make some balls 🙂 I weighed my balls out to be 16grams which will give you 14 balls

Nutritional Info:

7.1g Fat 4.3g Protein 2.9g Carbs


Chocolate and Oat balls (reminds me of rumballs, if you cover it in shredded coconut)


100g Cacao peanut butter

100g Rolled oats

50g Shredded coconut

80g water

Place all ingredients into a food processor, whiz it till its combined and make some balls. 16g balls = 20 balls

Nutritional Info:

4.5g Fat 1.9g Protein 5.7g Carbs

A couple of weeks ago I came across this tea – Madame Flavour, OMG there is two flavours I have found I personally love the orange and chocolate one, which I tried last week, this week I am giving the Mint choc rooibos tea a go. Both are divine! this one tastes like you are having an after dinner chocolate mint. Great for when you don’t want those extra calories but want to feel like you are treating yourself. I love how it comes with a little note inside, and when you open the packet the aromas just so refreshing and beautiful!


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