Abdominals – Jackknife


Abdominals 101 / My favourite abdominal exercises. When working the abdominals it is easy to think sit ups and ab curls and lets do 100 a night and that will get me my flat toned stomach. Wrong! There is three different planes of motion – sagittal (curl), frontal (bend side to side) and transverse (twist/rotate). Next time you are doing your abdominal workout  make sure you are incorporating all three planes to ensure that more muscle fibres are engaged which will give you greater gains and you won’t have any muscle imbalances!


This week’s abdominal move is the Jackknife – this exercise stabilises the core and strengthens the abdominals. Start in a push up position on the fitball with the shins being on the ball and wrists beneath your shoulders. Flex your hips and pull your knees up towards your chest, continue to pull in till your butt is resting on your heels. Hold for 5 seconds and then extend your hips to straighten your legs. The slower you go the more challenging it will be.

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