Injuries and disorders – Hip Clicking

Injuries within the hip joint come down to poor gluteal strength, an overactive psoas and a weak, underactive iliacus muscle. All of this creates an unstable muscle imbalance within the hip making it difficult for the femur to stay within the hip joint. Therefore there is a lot of movement the femur is doing which causes unwanted interaction with the surrounding cartilage and muscles, causing an uncomfortable clicking or pop. There may or may not be pain.

Addressing the underlying problem :

Overactive hip flexors: Decrease the influence of the hip flexors by positioning the legs and body in  a way that it will be difficult for the hip flexors to activate.

Weak Iliacus muscle: Try and draw the femur towards the hip socket.

Poor gluteal strength: If you can’t control the overactive hip flexors or can’t turn on the iliacus the gluteus will never work so the two above must be done first. Any strengthening exercise that targets the gluteus squats etc.

Note: If you experience hip clicking you may find it hard to use your gluteus as your body will try everything in it’s power to not use this muscle.

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