3 month update

Here is Little Miss aka Mia’s 3 month progress technically she was 3 months on the 10th but I am going to dedicate my first post to her 3 month update/growth progress.



Weight: I am pretty sure it’s 6.8kg last time we checked which was maybe a week or two ago.

Feeding: Mia is fully on formula we are kind of experimenting on what is best as she occasionally gets a bit fussy and then there was a few days where she wasn’t going to the toilet and I know that formula is harder to digest unlike breast milk so I didn’t really like that. So I think S26 Gold Newborns (which is easy to digest) seems to be going well or the original S26 she is taking as well. ( Note: I would much rather have breastfed but that is another story). She is taking anywhere between 120 -180ml a feed.

Sleeping: Mia sleeps really well at the moment. We put her to bed in her own room any where between 7:30-8pm and she will sleep through to about 7-7:30am which I think is great. She generally needs at least two naps throughout the day (morning and afternoon) otherwise she does get grumpy. Her morning nap is generally when I like to get my exercise done. She is really good especially at night as I can put her down and she is quite happy to lay in her cot looking around and nod off to sleep.

Routine: Mia will wake at about 7-7:30am has a feed and then she will go back down to about 9am she then likes to play on her play mat for about half an hour before wanting another feed. After this time it generally ranges to what she does I may put her back on her play mat or I may prop her up on the couch so she can sit, grab some toys and look around which she really likes it’s super cute as she looks impressed with herself that she can do what we do 🙂 Around lunch time it has been really hot so I have been taking her for a shower which she is really enjoying and then she has another feed about 1pm. She has another nap around here somewhere and when she wakes I take her on our bed and play.  She then has a feed again any where in between 4:30-5:30pm before we go for a shower, then we have a shower and then she has her last feed before heading to bed.


Milestones: Mia does a bit of baby talk practicing her vocals which is cute she sometimes just chats a way to herself or you can tell with her tone that she isn’t impressed with something. She smiles quite a bit, she is a very easy going baby. She likes to sit up and is holding her head quite well, she still sometimes wobbles but it won’t be long before she can fully support herself. she does 360’s on her play mat and spins herself right around on her back, so I may put her down one way and before you know it she is facing the opposite direction she wants to move!!!


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